Tuesday, April 20, 2010

slothy conditions.

last wednesday our figure utilization class went on a field trip to the mutter museum to gather reference for our final project "on the human condition". basically, we just had to bring our sketchbooks and gather as much reference as we could of all of the assorted maladies the mutter had to offer. anyway, they have a pretty cool exhibit up of jivaro indian tsantas (shrunken heads) right now, but the one i particularly dug was this sloth head among all the human ones. it turns out that sloths or monkeys were often used in lieu of being able to obtain a real head to shrink (like a trophy after battle), as they felt those animals were the closest things to humans. my concept is loosely based around the importance we place on our physical qualities and how we relate to other animals by their physical qualities (primates). mostly i just wanted to draw a shrunken sloth head. also the sloth is a windchime, impaling lots of teeny tiny shrunken heads. gonna work on the color comp, but i have stuff to do for friday as well.

- lo

Friday, April 16, 2010

target marketing; of course killer whales kill

for target marketing, we each had to pick a market we'd like to work in (such as apparel, children's books, advertising, editorial)... i chose editorial. this is an illustration for an article in scientific american of orcas in captivity killing their trainers. i scanned the sketch, did about 80% of the color digitally, printed it out and inked on top of the print-out with micron and tombow marker, then photo-copied THAT onto kodak photo paper on my epson, cut the image out and scraped the surface of the print with an x-acto knife, and mounted that onto a sheet of photo paper that i printed with a really obnoxious yellow so that i could scrape the ink off of the surface. i got the texture with a nail file. really pleased with this one. now i'm working on sketches for a second editorial piece for target marketing, and sketches for paul king (far out figurative utilization prof) based on a reference-gathering trip to the mutter museum on the "human condition"... i want to incorporate shrunken sloth heads into it somehow. WE'LL SEE.

group project; hoegaarden beer labels

in patch's illustration methods class, we had a group assignment where we were randomly paired with 2-3 members of our class to work on a product design- what product we chose to design or campaign for was entirely up to us as a group. each group had a leader, mine being steven fournier, and erik weedeman. we chose to do beer labels with an eastern-european folklore theme. we picked hoegaarden, a belgian wheat beer. my fairytale was the little match girl by hans christen anderson. micron and watercolor. the pattern that goes around the border of the label is an item which coincides with our story. mine was, obviously, a match. props to steven for the template and production of the labels!

the road to hell is paved with first impressions.

this is going to be like just like anne frank's diary, except with more illustrating and less hiding in crawl spaces.

<3 lo