Wednesday, November 3, 2010

gory days thumbnails part deux.

right to left: rosie and sandy shotgunning beers in the living room of the cabin; sandy voms. second is cracked glass of the bronco james finds his mutilated friends in, with the cracks in the glass and blood spatter/weird lighting coloring in fragments that suspiciously resemble old glory; bottom right is just another take on the stacking bodies in the wood pile concept, but less figurative; then a fucking tree with bruce springsteen's face and sandy trying to pee in a bush while her tp rolls away from her. spruce springtree is also tp'd and then there's some text and it folds into his bandana somehow. sixth one done is just bruce hanging out in a tree stand, hunting for drunk college kids, and the last is the main female (rosie) and the killer fighting over the bat (in only the most diplomatic and sporting manner possible... also there is gum.)... i have been awake for too long.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

gory days!

some sketches for my target marketing presentation on thursday. i'm doing movie posters/packaging, mostly so i can knock out the poster for the summer thriller with the springsteen killer, gory days! it was written, directed and produced by fellow uarts student and hometown friend, max sterling with another hometown friend and aspiring screenwriter, mike sugarman. go check out the trailer! you can see the silhouette of me and my boyfriend dry-humping in a tent! there's blood and cleavage!

must go now, i have six more of these thumbnails to knock out, then i must watch metropolis. i don't like movies i have to read because i can't sketch while i "watch" them. tra la la. will post upon completion.


so since this semester started, i've been really behind on updating this thing with new work... primarily because i've had a lot of frustrations and personal issues that were interfering with my work. a lot of it sucked and a lot of it i had to re-do because i wasn't initially excited about it and bisected angles in the process; it seemed like i completely forgot how to be an illustrator for a while. but without getting too into it, i was going through a lot emotionally and physically; i received another tick bite this summer while shooting gory days (which i'll get into more later) and was RE-INFECTED with lyme disease, had to go back on treatment, and some of the worst effects of the illness (fatigue, cognitive problems, vomiting, arthritis, low immunity, DEPRESSION) really reared their head as i was herxing from the medication and i had to go on prozac to overcome the latter. but now i'm back in the game and pumped about my senior thesis and target marketing projects.

for my thesis, i decided to focus on something classic that i could turn into my own with unexpected elements and my own style. i thought it would be a good chance for me to get back to doing what i really love to do; drawing characters and fashion. so i went with illustrating j.m. barrie's peter pan... with a steampunk twist. i originally intended for it to be pop-up/interactive, but right now i'm just going to concentrate on making really bitchin' images and really making the characters my own. so before starting any compositional sketching, i sat down and did a bunch of character designs- peter, tinkerbell, wendy and tigerlily. i found this EXTREMELY helpful because i wasn't worried about positioning and the drawing as a globally finished product, just banging out semi-precious ideas and outfit. some revisions have been made; tinkerbell's outfit has been modified to look more industrial with jodhpurs and a belt with a brooch that can pin her wings around her chest like a cape. peter's outfit is probably going to stay more or less the same; he's bowie circa bromley if he decided to festoon himself in like... fucking leaf armor.

wendy is way more tentative, but i'm probably going to make her a lot more frilly to counterbalance the feistiness of tink/tigerlily.
tigerlily was by far the most fun to do. mixing up steampunk elements with traditional injun garb was pretty fun, but i like the resolution of the head dress with the goggles and fingerless gloves/toeless booties. i felt like it was very important for her to be turquoise. don't ask me why.

i'm also working on a hook, who's modeled after what my man iggy pop looks like right now. old, craggy, jacked with jowls like a bulldog. the rock 'n roll reference are mostly for my own amusement, but ryan caught on that my pan was modeled after bowie during our crit today when i brought in my sketch for my first illustration:

this is, i think, the final solution for tink's outfit and more or less what i'm shooting for palette-wise. probably gonna be lots of cut paper in there too, and either colored pencil or acrylic. the above scene is right after tinkerbell flies into the lost boys' hideout and drinks peter's poisoned medicine to save his life (clap your hands, everyone). steven says it looks like they're gonna bang, and that pleases me, because it is often alluded to that tinkerbell is in love with peter and he's too dense or too young to understand what it is she wants from him, often ending in her calling him a "silly ass". this is going to be one of two half-page spreads. i'm also doing a double spread and the cover, but i want to do the cover last to kind of tie all the images together once i know exactly what i'm doing. i know i want the double-page spread to be something with tigerlily; probably the the lost boys vs. the redskins, like when they would trade places and pretend to be each other in their wars. this is all coming together in a really fun, organic way and it's a feeling i haven't experienced with my art in such a long time so i'm really pleased with how it's coming along.