Wednesday, November 3, 2010

gory days thumbnails part deux.

right to left: rosie and sandy shotgunning beers in the living room of the cabin; sandy voms. second is cracked glass of the bronco james finds his mutilated friends in, with the cracks in the glass and blood spatter/weird lighting coloring in fragments that suspiciously resemble old glory; bottom right is just another take on the stacking bodies in the wood pile concept, but less figurative; then a fucking tree with bruce springsteen's face and sandy trying to pee in a bush while her tp rolls away from her. spruce springtree is also tp'd and then there's some text and it folds into his bandana somehow. sixth one done is just bruce hanging out in a tree stand, hunting for drunk college kids, and the last is the main female (rosie) and the killer fighting over the bat (in only the most diplomatic and sporting manner possible... also there is gum.)... i have been awake for too long.

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